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We provide technology based solutions and services that remove barriers, helping education institutions achieve student success. Saspro solutions provides powerful tools for school administrators, parents, and students. We help 100s of schools across the country by developing new and powerful tools to collect, organize, and analyze student data. Saspro solution has taken the use of technology in education into a higher level that confines with the rest of the world educational efforts.
Our passion speaks for itself: today we serve School Info System for RMSA (44 Schools) and other 60 private schools institutions in india.

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Here we give some of our products and the details of products .


It's a School Management Information System and focused on connecting Home and School. It's a cloud based solution powered with Web / Mobile app. HelloDesk Helps teacher to perform better and helloDesk always Keeps parents updated on school happenings and activities.

  • Complete School Info System
  • SMS (Text and Voice)
  • FeeDesk (Fee management with Online Payment)
  • Exam mark ,Library management , Internal Message,Homework
  • Attendance,Transport,Hostel
  • Timetable,Online Leave Application and Approval
  • Provision to include TrackDesk

FeeDesk a Complete Smart Fee Management System for schools.It also includes online fee payment facility. This service is free forever for schools and helps to Save time and money for both parent and school. Anytime and anywhere fee payment.

  • Manage Students Records
  • Manage Teachers Records
  • Students Academic year Promotion
  • Provision to include Online paymant
  • Fee Reports

TrackDesk is a mobile application that connects parents with their child school transport system, enabling them to locate their child and school bus at any given moment during their school bus route. All child / parent contact data is only securely stored and managed within the CMS by the School administrator/s – the Parent and Driver versions of the APPs do not contain any child data and therefore cannot be accessed or misused by unauthorised persons. Privacy of data is of paramount importance.

  • 1. Easy to use . Only mobile number is required to track any bus.
  • 2. Can track multiple buses from single application.
  • 3. Can add identifier for each bus like own name or child name.
  • 4. Provide current location of bus with current speed.

HelloDesk SMS feature improves communication and also manage students records.You can send the SMS based on category . The few of our categories are class-wise SMS ,Teaching , Non-teaching,group-wise , Activity-wise Hostler and Transport rout-wise SMS.

  • Manage Students Records
  • Manage Teachers Records
  • Students Academic year Promotion
  • Get promotional SMS
  • Text SMS
  • Voice SMS
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The School Express

Every child is a champion. A school is a place where they get trained to face the real race called life. School Express is a bi-monthly E-Magazine which is a friendly initiative to help schools unleash their potentials in this field.Through our unfailing trust in education, we firmly believe schools play a major role in bringing up the small developing human beings equally with the parents. Every column of this E-magazine is jam packed with amazing content which is very easy to implement and follow without altering your usual schedules. So what are you waiting for?Let us stand together and learn together to make education reach more in a practical way.


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